NudeFood Raw Vegan Protein Berry Blend Breakfast Boost

NudeFood Breakfast Blend

NudeFood Breakfast Blend

How this product was acquired:  Was received directly from NudeFood

Rating: gold_star_1gold_star_1gold_star_1gold_star_1gold_star_1
Pro: Vegan live nutrient-dense addition to any breakfast.  Add to a smoothie, on cereal, in yogurt, sprinkled over fresh fruit etc.
Con: I would Love NudeFood to create more flavors

Breakfast Smoothie Berry Blend Inside the Bag

Breakfast Smoothie Berry Blend Inside the Bag

Berry Blend Breakfast Boost
Most protein powder is a disgusting mix of fillers that do nothing to aid a healthy lifestyle.  Before I ever tasted it,  I could see when I opened the bag, NudeFood Breakfast Boost was very different from the competition.  First, it looks like real food because it is. The aroma was divine too.  This live nutrient-dense blend will give you 9 grams of raw vegan protein and is soy, dairy and gluten-free.  Additionally it is packed with nut and seed fiber for long-term energy that gives you a sustained full feeling.  It is lightly sweetened with coconut sugar with organic cinnamon to balance blood sugar. A little goes along way as NudeFood has not loaded the bag with three syllable chemical fillers.

Lee Hiller Hiking

Lee Hiller

I used Breakfast Boost in one of my smoothies and was energized during my mountain hike.  After 5 miles on the trails I felt my performance was improved by the sustained energy in the NudeFood Berry Blend Breakfast Boost.

You can purchase the variety of Breakfast Boost blends in a bag or single serving packets perfect for camping, backpacking, at the office, road trips etc.

I can highly recommend this and other NudeFood Brand products and I am proud to announce that I (Lee Hiller) and Hike Our Planet have become brand partners with NudeFood.

Breakfast Smoothie Berry Blend Recipe meme

Breakfast Smoothie Berry Blend Recipe meme

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  1. One would surmise that because Lee and I are married, I would(automatically love whatever she’s doing). But she will tell you I’m honest with her and there have been several times when various healthy concoctions she has made missed it the mark (that is rare but happens when experimenting with a new food lifestyle). Thankfully, I can keep a straight face and honestly say this is the best-tasting and healthiest product I’ve ever tried. It’s vegan, its alive, delicious, and it has no junk in it (most protein drinks do contrary to popular belief). Kudos to NudeFood and to my talented wife Lee Hiller-London.

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